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You should know that you’re my home, Chuck. You always have been.

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edit: Ricardo Montalban, the actor who originally portrayed Khan, is Mexican, yes. The character, however, is Asian (specifically Sikh). I apologize for not making the actor/character difference clear, and I do agree it was my bad for putting Khan in this post, since POC are not interchangeable. I wanted to show how a TV show in the 60’s cast a POC for a POC, while a Hollywood blockbuster made in 2013 cast a white actor for a POC. Apologies for not explaining the Khan issue further.

@sfosternyc: My weird dream last night. I was jogging with Cher in the snow and she bolted from me and I couldn’t catch her.

jen & colin on set | july 16th (x)

A writer and his muse… Fighting crime. Just like us.

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And though I’m not a great romancer, 
I know that I’m bound to answer 
When you propose
Anything goes!