Hey guys!

I’m taking on a pretty cool challenge and need your help. Every day, nearly 9,500 children under age 5 die because of hunger-related causes. I want to do something about it!

So I’m doing World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine. I will not eat for 30 hours and raise money to help provide food and care for kids in need around the world.

$35 feeds and cares for a child for a month! That’s just over $1 per day! Will you donate and feed a child for 1 or 2 months?

You can donate on my fundraising webpage:http://support.worldvision.org/site/TR?fr_id=2540&pg=personal&px=1159851&captid=1122147

Thank you so much.

Skype says @joyciepoooh turns 20 today. That does not feel real to me because I can still remember clearly negotiating with her about how many times I can go into her room as an seven years old kid. I was born fourteen years ago, and thus began fourteen awesome years of bickering, crying, laughing, and loving. Zi yi, I am so blessed to have you as a sister, and your faith in Jesus inspire me every single day to keep my eyes on Heavenly things. I thank God everyday that He has mended our relationship from one filled with hate into one where I can turn to you no matter what kind of problems I’m having. And of course with @stellasu114 we make the perfect triple threat!!! Joycelyn: happy birthday! Your existence makes everything 6000x better, and I love you to the edge of the universe and back.

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"This was a chance to play with someone who’s excited about features and loves filmmaking, and Bowman always pushes himself and the whole crew, and we love it. There’s nothing better than dancing in filmmaking with someone that is willing to go all in, and he’s definitely one of those creatives.” [x]

I’m so emotionally compromised because of that episode and a lot from stana’s devotion to the show and the character development and fluff too 

Time to see if you’re wearing a wire.

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