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In Memoriam — I really loved how he made me laugh. And I will miss that infectious smile and the joy that he brought to everyday. So, in this moment when there feels like there is none, here’s the good news: Death may have taken Barry but it can’t take our memories of him. Those wonderful and perfect and beautiful memories.  Those, thank God, are ours to keep. 

So, you’re the new partner.

New Era. Are you ready?

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Send me two character names and a number and I’ll tell you which I’d rather:


1. save from a fire?
2. have taking care of me if I was sick?
3. spend a week alone with?
4. sneak into bed with?
5. booty call?
6. cook a romantic dinner for?
7. get drunk with?
8. tell my secrets?
9. go on a roadtrip with?
10. take care of if they were ill?
11. never talk to again?
12. drunkenly marry?
13. propose to?
14. commit a crime with?
15. have as my best friend?
16. have a threesome with?
17. cook for me?
18. serenade?
19. teach me something?
20. have a baby with?
21. never have met?

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